Friday, August 31, 2007

L is for Lucky

All my life, I've felt lucky. I've had my share of ups and downs, down and outs, but they didn't last. I feel lucky that I came out of those times with just a few scars. There are some people when I look at their lives and things that happen to them day in, day out, I wonder do those things happen to me and I react or respond differently, or do those things just not happen to me.

I believe the old saying "You make your own luck" is true to some extent. We make choices about things we do and the reactions we have to the outcome. Being lucky or feeling lucky is being open to things that get in your way -- it's a positive attitude, the proverbial lemonade experience. And I believe expecting good things makes good things happen. I have good hunches and good intuition. Sometimes I don't listen to it, but it's there and if I can get out of my head and pay attention to my gut, I'd probably be better off.

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sarah said...

It's the Law of Attraction. I totally believe in it.