Wednesday, August 15, 2007

B is for Books

Books have always been part of my life. Saturdays at the public library were followed by draping my gangly young self in the swivel platform rocker in front of the picture window to devour my latest find. Then there was sunbathing with Lady Chatterly's Lover. My mother never knew. I find it hard to part with a book I've connected with. It's not that I'm going to read it again, it's that there's something comforting about seeing that old friend on the shelf.

Somewhere along the line I started making books. I don't remember what interested me in it -- the paper, the process, a class -- any or all of those probably. Making books has turned into a sometime hobby, a craft, sometimes an art for me. It's a perfect combination of left and right brain. Handmade books are so tactile, so precise, so manipulated and yet allow so much room for expression. Like so many crafts, books are made and then given away, but I have photographed a few before giving them. Below is a photoloop of a few books I've made, plus a favorite picture of Lucy "reading" a book. I love how serious she is with that book and that it's upside down.

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Sarah said...

I like your rolling pictures.

Sarah said...

and I like your books: )