Wednesday, August 29, 2007

K is for Kick

I just returned from a solo shopping spree at the grocery store and I admit I'm almost giddy. For some reason, it was a real kick. When I buy groceries alone, there's a magical permission that is present and I feel freer to buy things I want without discussion about price or need or how or when we will use it. Maybe to say it was fun is a sad statement about my life, but there you have it. It's the little things that make me happy.

I read recently that if you take a few minutes a day and think about things you love -- special people, the smell of fresh laundry, new rain, autumn leaves -- anything -- and while you're meditating on this list, hold your left index finger with your right fingers, grasp it, if you will. This connection can be used later, when you feel stressed. Just grasp your finger in the same way and those pleasant thoughts will tumble in.

The next time I find myself not getting a kick out of the little things in life, I think I will try it.


sarah said...

I am surprise that this is one of your 'kicks'. I, too, truly enjoy going to the grocery store by myself. I almost always have some children with me and am on some type of time constraint. To be able to go without children and without a time limit is one of those few moments of 'freedom' that I experience. Pam, the lady at the wine store and Bobo, the Japanese sushi guy, are always disappointed when I don't have Lucy with me but it is nice to only have to entertain myself once in awhile.

Connie said...

It's so easy for us (me and Tom) to get in the rut of buying from a list since he does so much of our grocery shopping while I'm at work. I didn't know I wanted Mediterranean sardines yesterday, or Florentine pasta sauce; they would never appear on my list, but they ended up in my cart and I loved putting them away in the cabinet.