Sunday, August 19, 2007

E is for Enough

Every now and then, I allow my life to get overloaded, my senses overstimulated. When that happens, I've learned after a lifetime to say "enough." At that point, I withdraw or back up or just get quiet until I am able to process everything around me.

The idea of "enough" came to me through Sue Bender's book, Everyday Sacred. I was confronted with that book several times during one weekend in which that I had escaped and was trying to regroup and figure out what was going on with me. The book kept presenting itself until finally I bought it. I didn't begin to read it until I was on the flight home. The first chapter I read (and it wasn't the first chapter in the book) was about a religious tradition where a monk sets out with his empty begging bowl. The offering of food is placed it in and he accepts gratefully. The offering gives him strength to do his work. In return, he gives guidance and wisdom. The question was asked, "What does he do when he's feeling deluged?" The answer was simple. "He puts the bowl away. If he ate all the time there would be no time to digest." It was definitely an "aha" moment.

I know that sometimes I don't allow myself time to digest. I don't take time at the moment to process all that I'm experiencing or doing. But I've learned it always catches up with me and eventually I will have to say "enough."

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Juleah said...

I really enjoyed this entry....probably because I can relate(like most people I'm sure). I like your summary of the monk beggar. I am so guilty of biting off more than I can chew, and the result is frustration and exhaustion. I will focus this week on slowing down and enjoying the simpler things. Thank you.