Wednesday, August 29, 2007

J is for Juggle

When I think of juggle, I think of three things in the air, one right after another, the success of it is being each item having equal time. These days, my life is a constant juggle. The problem is there are usually more than three things and it's impossible to give them equal time. I have to concentrate to keep them in the air and not drop one.

I got out my calculator and figured that I spend 60% of every 24 hours sleeping and working. Those aren't options. That leaves me 9.6 hours a day for creative outlets such as calligraphy and books, exercise, cooking and eating, social interaction, self care, shopping and miscellaneous. That doesn't count down time, which I also require.

I wish I hadn't done that. I think it's stressed me out now.


Sarah said...

Now you've got me adding things up. I figured that I spend 8 hrs sleeping and 12hrs caring for kids and house. That's 83% of the day. There are two hours during Lucy's nap and 2 hrs after the kids go to bed where I could technically be alone. Often the kids go to bed late or Lucy doesn't sleep a full 2 hours so that chips away at my 17% of "alone time". If I don't use my time wisely during the day then I'm often still doing laundry and cleaning during that 17%. You are right, I shouldn't have added that up.

Teresa J. Wilber said...

For me....this is justification for retirement. One more day and I am "retired" and able to fill my 9.6 hours with stuff I chose to do. Okay...except laundry, cooking, housework, groceries, etc. like normal, but not crammed into those micro-minutes before and after a long day. See, Sarah, the job never ends, it just gets a different title. But, at least I'll have the opportunity to try it out....finally!!

Connie said...

TJW, you know we're going to expect great art from you now:) Congratulations on this big milestone. My time will come . . . I have to keep telling myself that.