Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Settling In

Tom left Monday to go back to Tulsa and I have to admit when I went to bed, I felt disoriented and wondering about this move. I felt very alone. Of course, having 22 inches of snow on the ground, being exhausted from a week of non-stop settling-in activities, and then getting a cold on top of all that, did not help. I slept for 12 hours, just to give you an idea how fatigued I was.

Today, I mustered the energy to brave the roads and find my way to Target and the grocery store. This was huge! It's one thing to learn your way around in a new city; it's something else to attempt it with all the snow. The amount of energy this move has taken has been overwhelming. I wasn't prepared for the brain freeze or the glazed eyes. I've always adapted pretty easily, found my way around, and been pretty cavalier about things. This had been different. Of course, I'm older and it's been a long time since I've introduced anything new into my life. It's been very interesting to say the least and I'm sure it's recharging some brain cells I've let lay idle.

Tonight, there's fresh snow falling, a predicted 3-6 inches on top of our 22, and the promise of even more tomorrow. I am nestled in my 98% settled spot with some Missouri wine which is surprisingly good, some NPR jazz and a book that may be so-so. No cable yet, which is interesting in and of itself.

Tomorrow I have a date with Lucy to make banana bread, her favorite. My birthday present from my sister was a Polish pottery loaf pan made especially for banana bread (our interpretation of its purpose). You can expect a picture tomorrow of the finished product.

I better get a good night's sleep because Lucy is not one to be taken lightly.

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Jennifer said...

Believe me, I understand! I wouldn't recommend abruptly stopping any medication you are currently taking; there needs to be a certain amount of normalcy to help with the transition. This is good for you. Carry on!