Monday, February 22, 2010

An Incentive

I had a very frustrating day driving over the weekend, trying to find my way to of all places Walmart. Walmart is not my favorite spot and why on earth I chose Sunday afternoon to do this, I'll never know. When I say frustrating, I mean something like two hours driving in what seemed to be circles, cloverleafs, and various over- and underpasses. Pittsburgh has so many hills, you can't see what's on top, unlike the Oklahoma landscape where you can see for miles. I found out later that this area is something I liken to 71st and Memorial at Christmas, except there are more roads, more cars, more options. And I won't visit 71st & Memorial unless I absolutely have to. Now I know.

My next adventure will be downtown Pittsburgh. My incentive? Joshua Bell is performing March 2 and I bought a ticket. I'm so excited. I have listened to his Romance of the Violins, oh, maybe 500+ times. It's my favorite morning music. Even Lucy likes it. "Yaya, that music is so pretty." She calls it Prince and Princess music.

I will make several trial runs to Heinz Hall; I will Google, Mapquest, do whatever necessary to get there on time and in a peaceful frame of mind. No way will I arrive frustrated.

NOTE: if you haven't read or heard of the experiment in Washington, with him playing in the train station . . . see the video below. How many beautiful things do we miss by just not paying attention?

and the story itself is worth a read here.


Cindy said...

Sorry you got lost. That is so frustrating. Investing in a GPS unit might be a good thing. It's save me a number of times! Enjoy the concert. I read a big article and saw the video of his concert in the subway. It prompted me to slow down and look around more!

Connie said...

What I really need to do is pay the $120 and update my GPS maps! It's unbelievable how many exits, etc. have been changed due to construction. The other day I ended up in the new casino parking garage. Some would call it fate. I called it a huge nuisance.

Sarah said...

Having witnessed it all fairly close to first hand, I have to say I am impressed. You have taken initiative, gotten lost, held it together and still managed to get your shit done. I hate the feeling of being lost. I start to sweat and get all agitated. Yuck!

You have been up for it All and have handled it All gracefully!

What's the worst that can happen? Not trying. That's what. It's all good!