Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Most Beautiful Sound

This morning, waking to freshly fallen snow, I checked the sidewalk which I shoveled TWICE yesterday and saw it was once again "full" and in need of a shovel. I made some coffee and began to think about my day. Lo! a sound, a motor, a neighbor with a snow blower . . . and he's approaching my sidewalk. Will he stop at the driveway or will he continue and do my sidewalk too? Oh, bless his heart, he did not stop. I don't know who he is, except that he has a big ole heart and a snow blower.

He doesn't live next door, maybe around the corner? I saw him on the other side of the street as well. How nice it is to live near a good Samaritan.

I will say that I think he uses discretion about how far to go. For instance, he did not go any farther than my house. In my mind, I think he saw that I had made the effort yesterday and the next house had not. (Although I did do a one time shovel of her sidewalk early). I don't care his rationale, I love being on the receiving end this morning.

And just FYI, as of 6 p.m. last night, Pittsburgh had received 42.8 inches of snow this month. It's one for the record books.


Sarah said...

I have a friend that lives a couple of blocks from you on a big corner. Her husband was out of town and she was breaking her back shoveling her corner double lot. She told me of the "Snow Blower Angel". I have a feeling it was the same guy. Sam told me tonight before bed that we were in so much trouble cuz we didn't shovel our walk today. We. are. losers.

Teresa said...

A wonderful "pay-forward" reward for you!!! I am really missin' you, now that I know you might not be coming back for the workshops!