Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The First Pittsblog

We left 8 inches of snow in Oklahoma and drove to Pittsburgh. Some would question the sanity of that, but already it's worth it. When a little one tells you "I love you as much as how far you used to live," well, you can see what I mean.

We arrived Sunday evening, with no intention of unloading the truck. We were dead tired, brain dead and just glad to be here. But when you add two young boys willing to carry stuff up stairs trying to see how strong they are, a son-in-law who is incredibly strong with just a touch of ADD, and a daughter who is in shape and energetic from corralling the entire crew, a 16 ft. truck can be unloaded in nothing flat. When it was all said and done, it was definitely the right thing to do. Tom and I worked that night assembling the bed and literally fell into it. Nighty night.

Monday morning we walked less than a block to a restaurant to fortify ourselves for the day's work, then the fun began. Right now, we're about 90% unpacked and organized. The main area left is my art room and office, which requires a trip to IKEA and that's the plan for today. I'm ready to get set up and have a bit of my old routines in place. There are plenty of new routines, one of which is using a French press for coffee. Only one day of it, but I'd say I'm hooked.

Right now, I can hear the train rattling down the track. This is a new sound for me. Not a bad one, just a new one. Lots of new sounds and sights. One thing we have commented on is that people here drive slower. The speed limits are slower. Lots of bifurcated streets (love that word and I've heard it so many times lately, for some reason.) And from what I've read, Pittsburgh drivers are rated #1 for courtesy. I'll let you know. I have a feeling my driving here will test their patience.


Cindy said...

I'm glad you made it safe and sound. Unpacking in a new place is always exciting. You are going to love being so close to your daughter's family! Keep us posted as you discover new and exciting things.

Teresa said...

Thought about you off and on, during the weekend, wondering about your truck ride on that familiar drive up to Columbus and beyond. We've driven it in the winter, also, and it's not too bad when you enter snow-maintenance country (which OK is not). I love the images you're giving of your new beginnings, and I'm sending wishes for lots of fun experiences. Do the kids realize you're there to stay yet? I bet your heart is full, full, full or the lovin' from everyone!!! ENJOY!

Jennifer said...

I've enjoyed French Press Coffee ever since I read Broken For You. I love the ritual, taking the time for the coffee to seep (or is that specific to tea?) and having my coffee in leisure. This is perfect for you. And, not just the coffee.

I still think the comment "I love you as much as how far you used to live" is such a classic, and I keep thinking no one (age almost 4) could come up with that. It's a very complicated analogy! But, I know that you are not prone to exaggeration and I'm not sure it's something either of us could spit out. So I accept it's beauty.

Have to chuckle that you are 90% organized and unpacked in less than 2 days. I think it takes me a bit longer :-(

Happy Days! Good call, Good Move.
lots of love.