Monday, January 24, 2011

New Twist on Hummus

I made some hummus last night for a football playoff party. I brought most of it home with me. Who in their right mind takes something healthy to a football playoff party? The chili-cheese dips, little wieners wrapped in crescent rolls, buffalo chicken dip and brownies somehow were chosen over my two delicious hummus dips. Go figure.

I made two because I wanted to try both of them. Lucky for me, I made two "half" recipes. One, I used avocado instead of the tahini. The other, I substituted peanut butter for tahini. Neither of these are original. Nigella recommended the peanut butter at Christmas. The avocado recipe is from a friend of a friend of a friend. That recipe can be found here.

This afternoon, I tried sliced apples with the peanut butter version and I have one word for it. Yummy! This is a great alternative to eating peanut butter on celery, apples, crackers. I don't know if hummus is actually better for you than peanut butter, but since this has only 2T peanut butter to 1 cup garbanzos (or chickpeas), it seems like it should be. Aren't chickpeas supposed to be good for you?

The avocado dip would be a good substitute for guacamole if you needed one. I think mine could have used more salt and maybe a squeeze of lime.

I'm not including a hummus recipe since if you make it, you already have a recipe you like. Just experiment with peanut butter. You can actually use very little and have a nice nutty taste without the peanut flavor.


Kathleen Botsford said...

AND you forgot to mention...Your Team Won!!! Ours sad. Oh well, in Chicago we have an old saying..."Just wait until NEXT year!" Actually.....the Packers and the Steelers are two of my favorite teams to cheer for. I like things old and unchanged. You know, the ORIGINAL football teams before the expansion. Now I'm REALLY showing my age!

Sarah in Disturbia said...

We have a saying here in Pittsburgh....We're going to the Super Bowl, Baby!!!!

I loved BOTH of your dips. My fav was the quacamole hummus. I think the peanut butter one would have been amazing on the apple I had for breakfast!! Although, I have read we should eat fruit all alone because of how we digest it.

I was wishing for the guacamole hummus today as I snacked after the gluttony last night. I have been reminded of the evening all day as I step across the crackers in my snow :-)

Jennifer said...

I love it...that you took the healthy appetizer home because REALLY..who does want that "stuff" watching a football game? ME! ME!!
To help with my ego, I started making really small portions of things I took to office potluck dinners just so my dish was empty when we cleaned up. "Oh" I'd say, "I guess my bowl is clean." I'll try the hummus with peanut butter because where in Germany can you find tahiti?