Sunday, January 23, 2011

The caged bird

My neighbor Bill is a smoker and even in this cold, winter weather, he's out on his porch, bundled up, hat, gloves, bulky coat, smoking. He paces his porch, watches whatever is going on on the sidewalks and he always waves at me. It's a big wave that's more like the OSU Cowboy victory wave than a howdy-do. He has a ladder-back chair on the porch with a rug or towel on the seat, but he rarely sits down in the afternoon. In the morning he'll be sitting on the chair, drinking his coffee and smoking and he still waves. He lives downstairs next door; I am upstairs. My porch, which is enclosed, is where I have my office and studio and when I'm at the computer I face his porch.

Last night I sat here thinking the cardinal who had been hanging out in my front tree had moved to the bird cage on Bill's porch, maybe looking for a bit of protection. Today the bird is in the same position, hasn't moved, so I know it's fake. It's funny but I had a glimmer of hope yesterday that the bird who could fly free was taking refuge in a little cage on a porch.

There are so many references I could make now but I'm just not going there.


Jennifer said...

I miss the Cardinal bird, the female bird to be more exact. The lovely brown feathers with just a tint of red and the bright orange lipstick. Every female Cardinal who graced my porch in Tulsa was automatically called Lucy. Not for the GRANDchild, but for I LOVE LUCY.

Maybe I should meet your neighbor:-)

Connie said...

You and Bill would hit it off for sure. But he's 78 and has been married 55 years, so don't get your hopes up for anything other than a smoking buddy.

Sarah in Disturbia said...

Ha!! Love the things that come to mind about this post! I would get along well with Bill :-)