Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bigger is Art

We visited the Andy Warhol museum today and here's my take-away: If you do anything big enough, it is art. Dear Andy was the absolute best at blurring the line between art and life. I like the idea, but some of it left a big question mark in my head, which, if I could paint it, would fit right into the exhibit.

I have to admit there was much more to it than I expected. Seven floors. Some floors were more like a gallery. Then there were a lot of materials from his accumulated time capsules that made for fascinating reads and made it feel exactly like a "museum." A wall of the (magazine) Interview covers.

A room of silver "pillows" filled with helium floating around, up and down. Fascinating. Motion as art is something I don't think many people consider, yet this definitely was both.

A floor of movie screens placed at random angles, almost floating around the room with black and white films playing constantly with no sound. All were his films. By that time, though, I was on overload and didn't have as much patience as it required. After all, I'd already processed the wall of copper, oxidized by artfully placed urination. The museum will require (and deserve) another visit.

His art was so big. I envy that expansiveness. That freedom that permits you to swing your arms wide and swash the canvas. Maybe that's on my Resolution list for 2011. Go big.

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Sara said...

I would love to see Andy's collection of art.....someday.

So you're going to do bigger and I have signed up for the sketchbook challenge. And challenge for me it will be!

I wish you and your family a joyful new year filled with fun surprises!