Saturday, January 22, 2011

Film Festival

I love public libraries. I'm learning to love them more. My neighborhood library has an absolutely fabulous collection of movies. I've been able to see films that I would never have heard about, let alone have seen and so many are film festival winners. I love the DVD covers with those parenthetical laurels. That's always my first choice.

Being that it's been hovering between -2 and 11 degrees today, I worked on "the" quilt and watched a couple of movies today. Let me correct that. These two qualify as "films," not movies.

I can heartily recommend seeing "Music Within" and "Goodbye Solo" if you have the chance. Music Within is the true story of Richard Pimentel, a brilliant public speaker who returns from Vietnam severely hearing-impaired and is responsible for the landmark ADA act. He's not a politician, he's someone who truly cares about helping those whose voice may not be heard. It makes you remember, sad to say, the days when there were no wheelchair ramps and discrimination was abundant. A great movie, umm, I mean film.

"Goodbye Solo" was so different, but one of those movies that when it's over, you just pause and think about it. There are actually many unanswered questions, which may count as not being well developed, but all in all, a good movie.

If you have NetFlix, que it up. If not, wish you lived near my library.

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Kathleen Botsford said...

I love good movie recommendations, I mean "film". My eldest daughter was the pa on a big budget film being released next Friday. The Mechanic. It's a remake of a Charles Bronson film and I would not see it but I will. I did order "The Answer Man" with jeff Daniels today. Looks interesting.