Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rocky Times Two

I recently bought a book "Drawing for Mixed Media Artists--52 exercises to make drawing fun." I'm lovin' this book and I'm only on Exercise One!

The first exercise was to draw cats from your imagination. Think about their ears, bodies, tails, etc. Keep your drawings simple. After you draw about 30 cats, pick one or two that you like and then expand on it.

I had the perfect model, of course, because I see Rocky in this position every day, many times a day. This was a good exercise because it was one I wouldn't have done on my own. (Who would think to do this?)Taking it to the next level for me was adding watercolors and Pearl Ex.

Yes, of course I'd like to redo it and do a better job on the blinds and window, etc., but overall I like it. Maybe because it was a stretching exercise for me.


Sarah in Disturbia said...

Nice!! What's Pearl Ex?

Lorraine Douglas said...

That is a really sweet drawing Connie!

Diane said...

Connie your drawing is so charming, no need to redo!