Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Collage Under Glass

I did this piece in July, but didn't post it then because it was a birthday present for my seester and I didn't want to ruin her surprise. I admit I totally copied the lettering style and quote from Lorraine Douglas. I love that style and it's not as easy as it looks. Even though it was her idea of spacing and style, it IS my lettering. She used a brush. I used a pointed pen. And that little quote still makes me smile.

This is on a very thin glass plate with a slight curve. All the collage is done in reverse, i.e. you layer from the top down because you're doing it on the underneath side of the glass. I did the lettering on Arches, used shaved pastels for a bit of color around it, then tore it to fit the plate. The plate is about 4x6.

The lettered piece was put down first, then I used different kinds of torn paper, some type torn from a book, etc. to fill out the edges. If there were any clear spots of glass showing, I covered it with something. I used good ole Modge Podge for my "glue" and sealed the bottom with flat black gesso.

Behrenberg Glass Company is a great source for "seconds" in glass bowls and plates. I ordered several platters and different size plates to have on hand to experiment with. These are delicate and make great gifts.


Sara said...

Great lettering Connie.....I like the sentiment, too!

Diane said...

Wow, you've really been busy! This is delightful! I've tried decoupaging on the back of glass; it ain't easy. Dare I hope that I will see your smiling face in person in the not too distant future?

Also,thanks for your very gratifying comment on my Halloween post. BTW--it's moody skies of Autumn (not August) ;)

Lorraine Douglas said...

Oh, this is totally cool....what a nice compliment....the quote was from Georgia Deaver's handout at the workshop...