Saturday, August 28, 2010


Dreams fascinate me. It seems if we pay attention, they can help us understand some things going on in our lives. Things below the surface that we may be ignoring or just not accepting. When I wake up in the morning, if I lay very still and focus, I can usually remember my dreams.

Last night my dream was all about snow and traveling long distances in treacherous weather. It wasn't scary or harrowing. There was just a lot of snow. There were several instances in which I was very protective of either a child or a young woman. Once I was trying to clean up a spill on a bed in this cabin in the woods. There were a lot of helping situations. Every time I would go outside, I'd have trouble finding the car because there was so much snow. And in all this, I had a great idea for a sweatshirt that would say "I've been to Helinski and back!" I thought that was so funny (in my dream) and so clever.

When I looked up "snow" in my dream dictionary, the main thing it symbolized was difficult times, etc. My own analysis is my difficult times at work right now and the fact that I AM feeling protective toward the staff that I've been responsible for over the past 15 years. It's a warm combination of mothering, mentoring, caring. I've had difficulty giving up that position and turning it over to someone else. All this dream did for me was help me recognize what's going on. And I suppose even if that's not really what it meant, it caused me to think about this. I feel better.

But, hey, what about that sweatshirt??


Teresa said...

Hard to think about a sweatshirt when it is 95 degrees in Tulsa. Don't forget that you might be protecting yourself or your "child." Love your postings! Hugs!

Sarah in Disturbia said...

I like Teresa's comment about protecting yourself. Interesting stuff. I have some pretty crazy dreams. Perhaps I should start paying more attention.