Friday, August 20, 2010

Blind Contour Drawing

This is Exercise 2 in my drawing book. The assignment was to look at pictures of giraffes and draw without looking at your paper. It's called blind contour drawing. Blind contours are usually done very slowly and in a single continuous line. The assignment was to draw for about 10 minutes. It's harder than it sounds, slowing down like that. Supposed to improve eye-hand communication.

I looked for a picture of a giraffe bending down or drinking water, but couldn't find one. The pictures I found were either just of the head or were out in a field. But, I actually like these silly little creatures. The "taking it further" part (which I haven't done) is to try layering three or four of your drawings and see if you can pull them together some way, either using color or adding lines.

I've been drawing inanimate objects while I am sitting out on the back porch. A pot of flowers, a chair, things like that. Interesting results that may one day have another life.


Juleah said...

I really like this. I love how raw they look. I could seriously hang these on my wall as is. Great job!

Katy said...

contour drawing was always a challenge for me - the "slow-it down" part being the hardest!! Love the giraffes!