Sunday, August 22, 2010

Giraffes Gone Wild!

This is the next step in the giraffe project. Expanding it, using layer of the drawings, color, etc.

I used watercolors and watered down Dr. Martin's iridescent copper ink to expand on the giraffe project.

Taking the first ones I drew, I transferred them onto tracing paper, flipping them so they'd all face the same direction. I kept overlapping them until they filled the page. I re-drew them on watercolor paper with a good ole Sharpie and used the iridescent copper for their spots, watercolor for the green and the blue. Ta-da.

It's finished. It's in the drawer. I'm waiting for some genius inspiration on how to use it.


Sarah in Disturbia said...

Love the last post and LOVE the finished product!! Please be inspired and frame it for me!

Cindy said...

What a great herd of giraffes! I admire your talent. I think you should frame and hang them in an unexpected, secret place. Like under a window, slightly behind a curtain. Where you just catch a glimpse and have to hunt intentionally to view them. :-)

Susan said...

There is something about this that speaks to me. Maybe talks to me. Whatever it is, I totally totally love it.

gingerartist said...

Okay Missy! Its almost selfish to keep this talent contained!!! Im officially on protest! Get this published for the whole world to see!!! I demand visibility for the herd!!! Nike says it best, "JUST DO IT"! (the commenter steps down) :o) But seriously!!!!

Connie said...

Thanks for all the positive comments! I'm now inspired for Exercise 3!