Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Underestimating Allowed

I'm one of those people who hesitates to throw away paper scraps, bits of ribbon, foil wine tops, Chinese newspapers, you name it and I can call it a "treasure." I have a box devoted to these things. The label on the end says "Don't underestimate what's in here!" Every now and then I open it up and go through it. I have some amazing things in there. It's a project waiting to happen.

Sometimes I think I should label each day with "Don't underestimate what I have in store." It all goes back to You are what you manifest. Walking out the door with a mindful thought of seeing the positive.

The meditation quote on that appeared on Kathleen Botsford's Echoes of Grace blog today spoke to me in a fierce way.

What if we set out every morning with curiosity,
with the intention to notice
as many opportunities as possible?
Would it not be like reading the world
as a holy book~a Lectio Divina of sorts,
that ancient practice of spiritual reading?
Every day we could be pouring over
the unfolding of new and possible worlds.

There are innumerable, small opportunities
to be helpful, attentive or kind.
Taking up these opportunities,
would we not come to know that we are
a living part of the infinite story?

Gunilla Norris

Some days I'm struck by the people, random people, who make me smile. It's all good. And it's a gift. And that's my goal today. To give a gift.


Sarah in Disturbia said...

It would be nice if I could embrace that today but instead all I want to do is drop kick my kids and everyone else that crosses my path. Well, not everyone. But a lot. Especially children.

Cindy said...

Love, love, love this post from you today. :-)

Kathleen Botsford said...

We've been away for an extended weekend and I was happily surprised by your latest posts. Have you received your new Paul Ferrini books yet? I'm waiting "not so" patiently for mine!