Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gansta Luv

I watched Public Enemies with Johnny Depp tonight. I decided I could have been a Doll in the '30s. What does that say about me? What is it about gangsters that were romantic? Why do I root for the bad guy?

Here's what Ryan Adams of Awards Daily said:
Gangster lore resonates because the struggle to rebel against a tyrannical social system that seeks to keep huge segments of the population under the thumb of bloodsucking bureaucratic control is as old as civilization itself. Rarely is the positive identification with thieves so clean-cut as with a Robin Hood legend, but when the failed banks, evaporated savings, and brutal foreclosures of the great depression ruined the lives of so many families, it’s little wonder that any rascally individual who dared come along and stick it to the bankers would be regarded with a complex mixture of revulsion and awe, fear and admiration.

This seems like a whole lot of words to say Johnny Depp is hot.


gingerartist said...

What is UP with everyone liking Johnny Depp?? Ive never understood that one! To each her own...youre really funny!

Sarah in Disturbia said...

I don't think Johnny's as hot as everyone else but I do get it. Kind of like Robert Downey Jr. He's not my "normal" type but I just think he's too f*cking hot!!!

Connie said...

Absolutely agree about Robert Downey Jr. He's definitely at the top of my list.

Diane said...

Hey are you back in the 'burgh?!Yeah, Johnny is hot--there's something about a guy in eye liner who's still sexy as heck...but then you know I'm wierd, just have to look at my art to see that!