Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Recall

There's something very unsettling about getting the dreaded phone call after a mammogram requesting that you come in for "special views." It's even more disturbing to have those second views require yet "another angle." And do I have to say what the next invitation to "follow me for an ultrasound" does to your stomach?

For two very long hours, I sat there in a tiny little room with three magazines I didn't care about, my mind having time to put all sorts of things into perspective. What was undone, what didn't matter, what were we having for dinner, how does this happen. Lucky for me, this day had a happy ending. All is well. All is benign. Carry on.

Still, it's that jolt that reminds you to love every day. A jolt that says some things don't really matter. And some things matter so much.


sarah in disturbia said...

oh my! What a scary time that must have been. Well, needless to say I am so grateful for a happy ending!! I'm not sure what else to say. I'm not sure words can expres. I love you!! xo

Cindy said...

Been there. Done that. Never want to do it again. Best way for us in this situation to all connect is to "blog" the experience. Blogs, and the comments they generate, are a great support system.

I'm happy you are good!

Sara said...

Connie...I have had that same experience three times....mainly because of cysts. I just insist on the ultra sound to begin sister in Memphis says now to only ask for "digital". Costs are so much less and there are no second consults needed because of poor readings. And in Oklahoma, the scary thing for me was the second visit was always with a surgeon...where's the objectivity there?!

I am so glad that everything turned out great for you and me!


Anonymous said...

Me too....the red flags go up because of prior cysts. I'm grateful that they check and double-check, at least. Glad it turned out okay for you! Whew! ==Teresa