Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Decision of the Day

I have my favorite coffee cups. The first decision I have to make most days is which cup to use. Some days I tell my husband to surprise me, but most days call for a certain cup.

I remember visiting an old man one time who kept standing in front of his cabinet. I asked what he needed. "A glass to warm my milk in," he said. I picked one and said, "How about this one?" "No, I need the silver one." Sometimes I feel like that old man. I need a certain cup.

This is a very simplistic version of following your gut or listening to your instincts. You don't have to understand the why of it, you just have to recognize that for whatever reason you have a need and you choose to follow it. If we learn to follow our instincts on these little messages, I believe it will serve us well when bigger instincts come along. We'll be accustomed to listening to our own messages and knowing it's okay to act.

Here are my favorite cups.




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Anonymous said...

I like the last cup best.