Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sing Along

There's something about overhearing someone singing along with music in a store that just makes me smile. They are so in the moment and totally unaware of people turning around to see who's singing. It's not that they even have a particularly good voice and are trying to show off -- I think they just feel like singing.

The power that music has over us has always fascinated me. I remember reading that if you experienced a mental block about something, put it out of your mind and do something else for a while. Then, after a while, start singing -- and the song that would come into your head would be related to what you were trying to remember. Sounds strange, but I remember experimenting with this and it working. I've read about clinics using music and songs to stimulate memory deficits in older patients, or probably any one who suffers from dementia or head trauma. It's something about music and speech being processed in different parts of your brain so you don't really lose music.

Just some Thursday Trivia for you.

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sarah in disturbia said...

that's funny because I am always a little annoyed by people singing in public. Who do they think they are?? Who wants to hear that? But if they are truly in the moment then I totally agree with you. Perhaps I need a new perspective.

When I had my iridology analysis she said that I was one who would be very moved/influenced by music. That has always stuck with me. However, I've never explored it.

She also said I should have a colonoscopy at 38 because I would have a polyp. That seemed so far away at the time and now I'm 37.