Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Listening to the Universe

This morning after my walk, I stretched and looked up at the sky and said "Show me how to listen. Don't let me miss it. I'll pay attention." I finished my stretching, went into the house and made coffee. When the coffee beeped its completion, I poured a cup and decided to sit outside. Before going outside though, I went to my studio and picked up a book of daily meditations. This is not something I do every day, or even now and then. The book is one that gave me great peace about four years ago when I was healing from an accident and a struggling marriage.

I sat down with my coffee and opened the book to August and for some reason decided to read yesterday's meditation instead of today's. My throat closed up as I read:
Learn to tell how you react to what you see and hear. That's how you'll learn to listen to what the universe has to say. That place may be the next place you're to go on your path. The idea may be just what you're looking for to help you get unstuck. . . . value your passions and the way you feel. Soon you'll find yourself knowing just what to do and when.

I said a silent 'thank you' and got a second cup of coffee.

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sarah in disturbia said...

that is amazing. the universe IS listening.