Monday, August 25, 2008

Shoes Like Yaya

I'm so excited. I got a message last week that a photo I had submitted to the "Grandparents are the Greatest" contest is in the Top Ten. Voting was supposed to begin over the weekend, but so far the photos aren't posted on their web site. I'm dying to see the other photos to see what the "competition" is. The winning photo will be the Grandparents Day poster and the cover of their mag -- which would be very cool -- plus gas cards for the monetary award. I'm more excited about the poster and mag prospect than the gas card though.

The picture is one I took in Pittsburgh of my feet and Lucy's feet -- both of us wearing our purple Keens. It's funny, when I look at the picture now, I know that if I had even considered that it was a photo for a contest, I would have lined our feet up, tried to be sure her little dress wasn't there, probably fussed with it, etc. But as it was, we were just standing there and she said "I have shoes like Yaya." And I had my camera, so Snap and it was captured. Obviously, the title of the photo is Shoes Like Yaya. Here it is:


Juleah said...

very cute and exciting....what is the web-site?

sarah in disturbia said...

what a cute photo and sentiment to remember for all of us. If you would just quit your job and move here then the photo wouldn't be quite so important!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

Connie said...

And, I just found out yesterday that the photo did not win the contest. But, yes, it did indeed win my heart and I love how many people have said to me that they love the spontaneity of the photo.