Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lost and Confused

I had a dream last night that I'd lost my phone. I was in an environment like a hospital but it wasn't; it had a large counter or desk like you see on a hospital floor. I had used my phone and then when I picked it up, it wasn't the right one. I kept picking up other phones, and they were all similar, same color or size but none were the right one.

When I looked at the dream book this morning under "lost" and "telephone," one suggestion was to think of yourself as the phone; maybe you're the one lost. Hmmmm. That's interesting.

Then I went to church and grabbed my name tag and went in. In the middle of church, my husband looked over at me and said "what the hell -- you're not Claude Dodd!" I had picked up and had been wearing the wrong name tag. That may not sound so funny now, but at the time, after that dream, it was hilarious.

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sarah in disturbia said...

that is very telling. It's so interesting in the light of everything that you have been noticing lateley. Who are you REALLY?