Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lucy Photographs the Garden Store

We visited Reilly's Farm & Garden Store today, looking for landscape materials. I gave my camera to Lucy again and she got busy. She's really getting into this photography thing. I heard her saying, "Oh, good one," when she took the shot of the pots. She really liked that one. And then she'd sit down cross-legged on the sidewalk to get a particular angle or shot. It was fun to watch what grabbed her attention.


Cindy said...

She got a good eye!

Diane said...

Thanks for your kind words re Rainbow. It will take some time before I look for another cat, but there are just too many homeless animals not to get another (or two) I'll have to let Rainbow know and hopes he understands--he was utterly intolerant of other kitties! Connie, here is my email, I would love to meet you now that you're in the 'Burgh: