Sunday, August 16, 2009

Secret Tooth Fairy

This was fun to do. I was in church this morning, and a first grader sitting several rows ahead of me had just lost a tooth, and I mean JUST lost a tooth, perhaps his first judging from his excitement. It was sweet, not even knowing him or being part of the excitement. I wrote a note saying Congratulations and signed it Your Secret Tooth Fairy, folded up a $1 bill very tiny and tapped the shoulder in front of me to pass it up to him. His unbridled joy was a real high for me. He kept looking around, wondering who it was from -- and he could not stop grinning and peeking in his shorts pocket to be sure it was still there.

It reminded me how good it feels to do random acts of kindness and how seldom I actually do them. It's totally selfish in some ways, but really I have to say it's win-win. Try one today, see how it feels and let me know about it.


Cindy said...

What a great story! Your act of kindness will stay with that child forever!

Sarah in Disturbia said...

oh my, that is just the cutest story! good for you! Perhaps you will inspire me : )