Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Power of Music

I've always known that music had a power over me. Inexplicably, a piece of music will bring me to tears and rather than just give into it, I seem to want to understand why now, why this piece, what does this "mean?" Something about music helps me connect with my feelings, which have always been difficult for me to express. This essay that 37 Days discusses and links to, just keeps me crying.

The essay is by Dr. Karl Paulnack, Director of the Music Division at The Boston Conservatory. About a particular piece of music he says, "If you know that piece of music . . . you know it has the ability to crack your heart open like a walnut; it can make you cry over sadness you didn't know you had." I love that phrase, crying over sadness you didn't know you had. I have felt that so many times.

Read his essay, "Music: Essential for Life". It's one that should be read by everyone. Read it. Save it. Share it.

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Teresa J. Wilber said...

The minute I read the Paulnack article, I thought of my experience watching the movie "The Soloist" on the plane coming home from our long trip. Have you seen it? When the reporter handed the homeless musician the beautiful cello, he began playing with such expert tone and an obvious passionate feeling that I began to cry. On the plane, I was sitting there covering my face to bawl. His passion was so evident on his face, and the beautiful sound that resonated out of that passion moved me. I seem to deny my own passion like that, to think about everyday details, where making time for art and music would be so much more beneficial! Shame on me, because I know to experience that passion is as close to God we can get. We need to resonate more that we realize!