Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wide Open World

I recently advertised for a new employee and have received about 50 resumes. Interesting thing is as I started reviewing them and asked a co-worker (young) to go through them with me, her approach was to see if they had a myspace page and determine what that said about them that we might never know.

Part of the appeal of having a blog is being able to write as if no one is reading -- you don't really write for "approval" -- it serves the purpose of getting rid of things that clutter up your head. Although I admit I haven't been as honest as I might have been if I really thought no one was looking.

We do live in a transparent world these days. Someone told me they googled Leslie Stahl's lipstick and my blog post was number one. That was crazy to me.

I've always kept things pretty close and not blabbed a whole lot. And yet, if anyone were to ask me a question, I'd probably tell them just about anything they wanted to know.

I'm open. Is the world ready?


Teresa J. Wilber said...

Okay...I'm on board. I love your writing. It's me getting more acquainted with you, since we can't "do lunch" as much as I would like. You speak your mind, which is similar to my mind (believe it or not). Maybe we were sisters in a past life! If not, we're soul-sisters in this one! Keep on writin', Sister!

sarah in disturbia said...

thank you for allowing me access to your inner world in this way. You know you could never exclude me from your blog at this point!! I would hound you and make your life HELL : ) Anyway, now you can realy let loose, sister.