Friday, June 6, 2008

Wide Open Spaces

A few days ago I was getting a manicure and the young woman sitting beside me said she was in town for a while and wondered what she should "see." I had no idea what to tell her. Every time someone asks me a question like that, I realize how little I know about my city. I told her I hoped she got to see a rain storm. She hoped so too. The one thing that had amazed her on her drive from Manhattan (NY) was in Ohio "where the sky met the grass. Just blue and green -- and nothing in between." The joy in her face made me realize how much we take landscape and space for granted here in the midwest.

I should have told her about our sunsets.

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sarah in disturbia said...

It's funny how we always think of all the things we 'should' have said after the person is gone . . . good or bad. I love that you are writing more these days, btw! xo

I am always telling people who have never been to Oklahoma that they are not missing much. I know I did not appreciate the state while I lived there.

I love driving through the neighborhoods while I'm in Tulsa. I think Braum's in great. We don't have anything like that here (in Pgh). Sonic would be cool for someone from NYC. All the lakes?