Tuesday, October 23, 2007

S is for Santa Barbara

I had several thoughts about S-es -- like Sixty (my next birthday), Sarah (my beautiful daughter), Sister, Soul, Sacred, and so on. I finally settled on Santa Barbara "a lovely spot indeed on the coast by the sea," primarily because we just returned from a wedding there and the name has been constantly in front of me. It's a nice place to visit, as they say. Maybe if you're Oprah or Ellen you can live there, but the me-s of the world, not so.

Tom's daughter (another S -- Shannon) chose that location for her wedding and it was a beautiful spot for a wedding. Romantic and photogenic. I've been working on a project to commemorate the day. Here's a piece of it --

The funny thing is this page has a lot of depth to it up close. There are effects that I will never be able to duplicate, even if I want to. The reason being that this page was born of mistakes, one after another. It was repainted, blotted, swabbed, washed, fanned, cursed and then given one more chance.

I think there's a lesson in that.

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