Wednesday, October 10, 2007

R is for Revival

I grew up in the Baptist church and the big event of our summer was the church revival. I remember sitting outside on those summer evenings in folding chairs but I don't remember if it was because we didn't have air conditioning or because that's just what we did for a revival. What I remember most is that it was a week long series of singing, sermons and getting to see the cute boys I typically only got to see once a week. It was reviving something, but probably not what the Baptists had in mind.

In many ways, I wish a revival was still part of my summer routine. Not the church variety, but a revival of the spirit -- the concentration or focus of the spiritual self in a designated period of time. We all want to live fully but sometimes I think we just don't know how. That knowledge of how to live our lives lies deep within us -- I know it does -- the trick is somehow to release it -- or simply find it.

I think it may take a revival.


Teresa J. Wilber said... at Ghost Ranch?...only for more than one week, which would probably do it!

sarah said...

I completely agree with you: )

Juleah said...

I know the answer! I know it sounds so cliche to some but the answer is God. I tried to resist posting in respect for your spiritual opinion.... but my mind and soul would not allow me. Only because I have truly found what you seem to be looking for and I want everyone to know that it available to them also. One more thing; Anyone can have revival, that's easy...the hard part is staying there after the high is gone.....that's what I believe God can do that none other can.