Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Things I Wish Didn't Exist

I started out to make a list of ten things I wish didn't exist. Can you believe I couldn't come up with ten? Not and be nice, anyway.

The first things that came to mind were:
    People who think Spandex is a right (obviously spurred by a recent trip to Target)
    Second martinis (no explanation needed)
    Bad coffee
    Suicide bombers


Sarah said...

for the life of me, i cannot understand why second martinis shouldn't exist. that's just crazy. maybe the fourth or fifth but not the second.

Things I wish didn't exist . .
1. telemarketers
2. bad wine
3. loud talkers
4. loud cryers
5. insomnia
6. debt
7. cellulite
8. Anna Nicole (is that mean?)
9. backrubs only when there is hope of sex
10. stretch marks

Yaya said...

Wow. Why didn't I think of all those things? Obviously I need to remove second martini from the list.