Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Right now, this week, I don't feel passionate about much of anything. Tom has his golf and although I poo-poo it sometimes, and call him one-dimensional, at least it's something he lives for. I would call my life right now chaotic, busy with not much reward. I feel disconnected from my feelings. Like I can't catch my breath to even look around. I really need to pay more attention to this and get back on track. I'm not liking it the way it is.


Teresa J. Wilber said...

So, basically, what you’re saying is that you want control of the situation, you sense the attachment, and you’re judging yourself for it in the process. Sounds familiar to me! Ideally, when I have so many things demanding the attention of my mind, I visualize the list being on the spokes of a wheel, spinning, and even spinning out of control. Then I realize that it is the center of the wheel where I want to focus, where there is less activity. I realize that I can’t totally detach from the list/spinning, but for a time I find refuge in the breathe!!

Connie said...

I really think I am not taking the time to "be quiet" and it's taking a toll on my psyche, not to mention my letters! Thanks for the visual -- and the reminder to breathe.