Wednesday, August 3, 2011

After the Hiatus

Every time I go weeks without blogging, I start to question what it is I've been doing. Hasn't there been anything worth writing about? What have I been thinking about? Haven't there been any thoughts to explore? My goal right now is to have one thing, one picture, one quote, one thought, one something that speaks for the day.

Right now, I'm enrolled in Carla Sonheim's Dog Days of Summer online art camps. I love her work. I love taking a class where the imperfections are the art. This is a first for me, taking an online class, and it's giving me just the right amount of structure and commitment. Each class is only five days and I've signed up for three, back to back, so for the month of August I'm committed.

The first day was about one line animals, drawing only from memory, no references. Here are a few of my one-line elephants. It's harder than you think, drawing from memory. I cheated on one and looked at a picture. But you know what? I think the memory ones have more personality!

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