Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's Autumn

I'm back in Pittsburgh after what seems like weeks of work, mayhem and travel. Maybe because it was. To Tulsa. To Atlanta. To Baltimore. To Charlotte. And back to Pittsburgh. Everything was good, but I'm just glad to not be going anywhere right now. I need time to sit and watch the leaves fall. And fall they do. Here, you are very aware of how many leaves there are because all you have to do is rake your leaves to the curb and the borough picks them up. No bagging! About now, there are massive piles of leaves along the streets. The only downside of this procedure that I can see, is kids probably don't have the experience of jumping in a big pile of leaves while the parents rake. I never did that anyway.

The sky is blue. The whole world seems golden and red. It's a perfect autumn morning. I love the chill with the promise of a sunny day, light jacket required. My head is saying enjoy today. My head and my heart are in tune for once.


Jennifer said...

I left Cairo and it was 37'C and arrived in Germany where it is 37'F. I'm afraid I missed fall and have entered into winter. No light jacket here...already into scarfs and winter coats. Glad you're back where you can relax.

Connie said...

Oh, Cairo schmiro. I wish you were here. No, I take that back. I wish I were there!