Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Life

The baby birds are almost ready to fly. We saw one with his head hanging out of the nest, looking down, as if to say "I'm supposed to do what?!!" It's been so much fun watching the birds with Lucy and Henry. Both will sit on the porch, whispering, so the mama bird won't be scared.

And what a nest the mama Robin made. The details in this picture aren't great, but the nest itself is such a tight construction. The dangling grasses make it look like a design element has been added.


Diane said...

How enchanting! Will you keep the nest after everyone's vacated, for your little ones to examine? I still have one from several seasons ago, it is a marvel to behold.

Love your comments on my blog, as always!

Sara said...

What a great experience to share with Lucy and Henry!

Diane said...

Wow! A new look! Your own photo, I presume?

Sarah in Disturbia said...

Just catching up on your blog....when we came back from the beach the babies had indeed flown from the nest. I still look up at it several times a day and miss those little birdies. We have another nest close by in a fern that I should try to get a picture of. Lucy says there are 4 eggs in that nest!!