Friday, May 28, 2010


Lucy's fascination with hopscotch is, pure and simple, the sweetest thing to witness. Last night I walked over early evening and there she was, on her corner, looking like summer incarnated. Barefeet, colorful summer dress, hopping, turning around, hopping back. Over and over. She bemoaned the fact that someone kept taking her stones when she left them on the corner. She spends quite a bit of time finding the perfect little rock. Last night we finally settled on a piece of petrified wood.

Hopscotch is one of those games that all kids, especially girls I guess, just seem to discover. I don't know how. I did a little research (read: google) and learned that hopscotch was used as a military training exercise eons ago. The first hopscotch was 100 feet long!

I suppose jacks will be next. I can't wait! One-sies, two-sies. I loved that game.


lifeshighway said...

I was an avid hopscotch player.I would play the silly game for hours. Jacks were also a big thing for me as well as Chinese jump rope. I don't run across alot of people who played that as a child. Maybe it was a regional fad.

Diane said...

I love this photo, as well as your text! There's just something about staking your claim on a corner, it's like being on the prow of the ship. I know I played hopscotch too, but not at my house--our street wasn't paved until I was about 8 years old. I still have the cinders in my knee to prove it!

PS an art angel!! I wondered who that was!

Cindy said...

I didn't play much hopscotch when I was growing up, but I did play jacks. My mom taught me how to play. I have great memories of her teaching and playing with me.