Saturday, March 20, 2010

Double Lives

I don't understand how people have multiple residences. Do they have duplicates of everything they love? Are their lives totally different in each location? I'm not there.

In Tulsa without many of my favorite supplies, so to satisfy a need for some creativity, I made a trip to Michael's and bought a good piece of paper, some pearl-ex dry pigments and a few acrylic paints in spring colors to experiment with different background techniques. A sampler of sorts. It's interesting in and of itself to limit myself to a few supplies. I keep thinking, "Oh, I'll use this tool . . . but, oh, it's not here."

Results so far have been satisfying enough to put the next idea -- what to do with these experiments -- in motion. And I even took pictures to post, but, oh, the gizmo that goes to my camera to connect to the computer isn't here.

See what I mean?


Sarah in Disturbia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah in Disturbia said...

I DO see what you mean. It reminds me of when you're in a relationship but you're not quite comfortable enough to have your own toiletries left at their house. You cart that tootbrush back and forth until someone is ready to commit. Ok, I never really had one of those relationships and it's not really the same but that's what I thought about : )
NOTE: I had a misspelling in the post I deleted.

lifeshighway said...

Well then I guess I will just have to wait to see what you were up to with your paper and paint.

Anonymous said...


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