Monday, December 28, 2009

Medical Care

I went to pick up a Rx today and the price was so outrageous even the clerk paused and said "Can that be right?" It was $743. I did not pay for it. I decided I would call the dr. tomorrow and see about getting an equivalent. The pharmacist said there was no generic. Tom told the pharmacist we'd be back after we mortgaged the house. I guess if I can't get an equivalent, I'll wait until after Jan. 1 so the amount can at least go toward my deductible. Doesn't that seem totally crazy? Plus it makes me mad.


Cindy said...

That price is UNACCEPTABLE!

Please, fight to get a lower price.

Or, if that is not possible, please contact the media have them make it public how silly this price is.

Juleah said...

NO WAY!!!! That is insane! I am truly clueless.

Jennifer said...

Just returned to Germany from Ireland where both countries have National health care. No co-pays, no deductibles, no cost for meds of any kind. 19% annual tax but I think I payed what? about 13% in the states?

Curious as to the medication of course. I remember Zyvox being about that, but your "case manager" can connect you to a link directly to the pharmaceutical co. that has "Assistance Programs." Also curious as to the medical need? Are you and Tommy OK?

Sarah in Disturbia said...

Wait until Obamacare. . . you think it will be free but it won't be. You probably won't even have the choice to get that medicine. Enjoy the freedom while you still have it.