Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Blah to Blessed

My sister's been hounding me with the question "Why aren't you blogging?" The more clutter I let in my head, the less I'm likely to blog, which is probably when I should. Maybe it would clear the clutter. I struggle with this December holiday. Too much external energy, not enough time to replenish the internal energy.

I'm better now. The fudge is made and cut; the cookies are baked; cakes are done; brown candy finally tolerable, and last night the traditional pork pies completed the package. These meat pies are part of Tom's family tradition. My family didn't really have a tradition to carry on, so I have willingly adopted this one, although last night I realized what a labor of love it is now that there are only TWO of us to enjoy it on Christmas morn. Tom's daughters salivate when they hear the words "pork pie" but it doesn't help when they are coast to coast. We made three big pies and two small ones, with enough meat for one more big one, which I'll finish tonight. These are double-crust pies filled with ground pork loin seasoned with cloves, cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg and a butt-load of onions. We'll take one to the daughter in Seattle when we visit in January, and the others will go in the freezer. It is a nice tradition to carry on; I think we just need to adjust the quantity we make. Maybe two pies next year?

With a blended family, with kids grown and scattered, Christmas is a different holiday. Things have to go in the mail so there's not much under the tree. Still, I like the tree, the lights, the Christmas music. I like sitting there early morning with just the tree and mantle lights on, having my coffee. I like planning a simple Christmas dinner for us and a few single neighbors. I like that it will be cold on Christmas day so we can have a fire.

All in all, I guess I'm pretty darn happy.


Anonymous said...

Whew...I, for one, am very glad you feel happy...for altho the kids are scattered, we have each other...and I feel blessed for that!

love you lots.....Big Santa

Sarah in Disturbia said...

Awwww, isn't that sweet. Glad you're happy too! (really I am) And not sad for 10 days. That would suck.