Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Clutter clearing

Today is day 3 of cleaning and organizing my supply closet. And I really mean Day 3. I have spent two entire days pulling everything out of that closet, sorting, tossing, reorganizing, shaking my head and wondering how and why I can accumulate so much stuff. I now have a path into the room. I made the mistake of not taking a "before" picture, so an "after" picture won't have any impact. Too bad. It would have been impressive.

Of course, when you clean a closet, you don't just clean a closet. It turns into redoing book shelves, reorganizing sewing boxes, categorizing health files, and so on. It turns into new projects such as "I think I'll decoupage that ugly little bookcase." It turns into discoveries of supplies purchased for a great idea, which still seems like a great idea, and means another project. It turns into that beautiful feeling of accomplishment and almost tranquility when you walk into the room and open the closet door.

I am actually getting rid of some things that I cannot even mention for fear of offending someone. I held it (them) in my hand, thought about it, and then carefully put it in a box.

I love the idea of the universe taking care of you to provide you with whatever you need, when you need it, but there's also this feeling of "ah-a" when you have the perfect piece of ribbon, the perfect embellishment, or the perfect piece of paper that you saved not knowing what its intention was. Maybe the universe tells us what to keep if we listen.

Today, the universe and I are going through drawers of paper scraps and miscellaneous treasures to determine which ones are worthy of keeping and may be intentioned for another life.


Cindy said...

Good for you! The feeling of accomplishment after you have cleaned out/organized a drawer, closet, room, etc. is a feeling I love. Have fun!

Jennifer said...

I've seen that closet and I say if you have it organized and cleaned out in 3 days you are more amazing than I thought!

Were they my letters you almost threw out? Just curious.

Connie said...

Come on now. I would never throw your letters out. And you're right. It's going to take more than three days, but I'll persist and be the better for it.

Sarah in Disturbia said...

I won't be offended if you're getting rid of some of the random things I gave you over the years. I love purging and organzing. Feels so good!