Friday, October 30, 2009

Over served

A friend of mine has a saying when she's had too much to drink. She'll say she was "over served." I always like that way of saying it. But, besides wine and alcohol, we're so over served in so many ways. Think about it. The classic coke was originally in a 6.5 oz. bottle. Today, the most common size is a 12 oz. bottle, and though it says "Contains two servings," we know most people will drink the whole bottle.

Coffee is the same way. When you measure cups of coffee for a catering situation, 6 oz. is considered a serving. I sometimes use an "old-fashioned" coffee cup with a saucer and it's noticeable how much less coffee that cup holds.

And what's with those candy bars that say "servings 2-3." Come on, we all know they're intended for one person. It makes it so difficult to make sense of the nutrition labels for fat and calories. I guess, though, if you're even thinking about buying one of those big candy bars, you probably don't know that nutrition labels exist.

This isn't news, I know that, but having just returned from the convenience store trade show with buckets of junk, I find myself reading labels to see if I can justify eating some of it. Four servings in a little sack of bridge mix? I don't think so.

Hello South Beach.

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Sara said...

I really like using "antique" dishes because the size is appropriate to the amount of food/beverages we really should be consuming. Can you believe that now the new china plates are too large for the "standard" new built kitchens have deeper depth cabinets. I am trying to cut back my portions....not an easy task....I am taking supersize out of my vocabulary!