Saturday, September 5, 2009

Attic Treasures

We are in the middle of a project at the house that has involved cutting into the roof, which in doing has exposed the far edge of the attic, revealing mostly trash from a previous remodel, scraps of sheetrock, lumber scraps, etc. But along with this was a cardboard box that had six woodcuts, each wrapped in Houston newspapers dated 1981. The box was labeled "Kay's woodcuts." Some have chain attached, as if they have been hung for display. Oh, to know the history. A few are abstract, but most are portrait type; some are even double-sided.


Sue Kinsey said...

I know the person who owned your house in the early '90's but probably the artwork would probably be from the people before her. If you're dying to find out I can ask Rhonda if she knows the people.

Cindy said...

How cool that you found those! We've never found any treasure in the attics of the houses we have owned. It would be fun if you could find out more about them.

Jennifer said...

I found the self portraits to be scary. They sort of gave me the creeps but yes I agree, it would be nice to trace the artist. Those self-portraits especially are quite personal and if the artist is dead, she may have children who would be interested in seeing (having) them.

My friend Patty found a papersack in her ceiling/attic when she remodeled her Spokane home. $10,000 cash. She was so honest that she called the woman she bought the house from and asked if she ever hid things in the ceiling. As it turned out, previous to that owner, there were druggies who lived there. We supposed it was drug money that went to a good cause...remodeling the kitchen.