Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Imperfect Perfection

Yesterday Tom read my horoscope and it said something like "You move faster than most people." I probably wouldn't have described myself like that, but I admit there are many times I think "Why aren't they doing such and such? If they'd just . . . "

Today was one of those times I probably acted too quickly. At least, I acted before I thought things through. My sister's house is for sale but isn't getting the action she wants, i.e. sold, so after a conversation with her, I listed it on craigslist. The response was so overwhelming, I had to delete it less than four hours later. I need to figure out what to do. Who knew?

So, I'm remembering the quote: “Winners take imperfect action while others are perfecting their plans.”- Kevin Nations. I have no idea who Kevin Nations is, but I like what that says. It's so easy to get caught up in wanting to do everything just right that we take no action -- I should know, I've done it. Still, there's that paradoxical side of me that acts and then decides the next step based on the outcome of the first. I'm a planner, but in so many ways, I'm really not. I'll do something and then figure out how to make the first step work. The quilt I'm working on is a prime example. An idea that may or may not work. More on that later. Especially if it works.


Jennifer said...

I like the way you are! It's just the opposite of me and so many others. And as for Kevin's quote, it's sort of like that aquarian who said of her libra husband "I can make 3 mistakes before my husband can make a decision." There are many good things that come from action, and I don't mean impulse. As for the house? We learned something valuable. I say lets go for the lease!

Sara said...

Connie - thank you for visiting my blog. And I want you to know that you are an amazing writer. You are able to write EXACTLY what you are thinking and/or feeling. Or at least come really close to it. I am not able to really put my feelings into words but into my paper arts instead. This post really touched me because I saw myself.

I am looking forward to seeing your quilt!