Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Doll House

Several months ago I bought a big box of doll house pieces at an estate sale. It was a real bargain. No picture of what the doll house should look like. No instructions. Just a big box of wooden pieces in plastic bags with the promise that it would become a doll house. It was too good to pass up. Today Lucy was coming to visit so we had great incentive to tackle this project. What a great work out for the brain. A gem of a puzzle! I'll spare you the details of getting it put together and jump to the finished product. It's about the cutest thing you've ever seen. I especially love the playground equipment.


Jennifer said...

THAT is just too cute! The flower vase looks massive in that little room. I guess the little girl picked some flowers when she was out picking blueberries. What was Lucy's reaction?

Anonymous said...

I think Lucy must be about the luckiest little girl ever. Oh what I wouldn't give to have had one as a child.

sarah in disturbia said...

lucy definitely loved the doll house, swimming in the hot tub, sewing real doll clothes and, above all, making banana cake. The love was evident and appreciated!