Sunday, March 23, 2008

Oh, Leslie

We were watching 60 minutes and I kept commenting on Leslie Stahl's lipstick so much that I wondered if I was the only one who thought she had adopted the idea of "coloring outside the lines" as her own. Lo and behold, I found this great photo (click on "photo" to see it) and someone who shared my sentiments to a T. He wrote "At the risk of sounding a little too “Jerry Seinfeld” I’m going to start by asking, “Am I the only one who notices the fact that Leslie Stahl, venerable reporter with CBS News best known for her long-standing gig with 60 Minutes, doesn’t seem to know how to apply her own lipstick?
OK, in her defense, I’d have to guess that Leslie doesn’t actually apply her own make-up before going on camera for 60 Minutes. It’s not absolutely certain but she no doubt has a professional make-up artist doing that for her, albeit only with her direction."

Keep in mind, I really like Leslie. I just can't believe no one is paying attention to her lipstick. Who are these makeup and fashion consultants anyway? Wake up out there! Leslie is talented and a great role model for the 40-somethings who can look forward and see that there is life after 40. She's not a bad model for us 60-somethings either. She just needs to lose the orange lipstick and color inside the lines.


sarah said...

I clicked on your photo. Surely, that's not what she really looked like??! That is just not right. I would tell a random person on the street that her lipstick was off. She has people . . . doesn't she??

Anonymous said...

I love Lesley Stahl, however her lipstick is awful!!!
So her makeup people are trying to make her lips look fuller, but they are just making her look like a ninny! Tell her to go back to her lips, they are much better that what is going on now!

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that dark red lipstick makes you look older than you are...especially hen you are a senior! She's a beautiful woman who's being made to not only look older, but also, silly. The application of the lipstick is so sloppy that it is hard to believe it's being applied by a stylist..which I'm sure it is, that stylist should be fired!!!!!