Saturday, March 22, 2008

Is bigger better?

"Oh, I love them," she said, as she pulled up her t-shirt right there in the nail salon. "And they only cost $4700. Look how small the incision is." And with that statement, she pulled her t-shirt higher to reveal a small slit in her armpit.

Here we were in a strip mall nail salon and this young woman was showing everyone her "new" breasts. They were just another accessory, it seemed. The fascinating part was her excitement -- a single mom, no boyfriend -- "these" were just for her. Although, as my sister pointed out, maybe now she'll have a boyfriend since she's a full D+size -- if the lack of these D beauties were affecting her self-esteem, that is.

What is it with women and their breasts? Are we so connected to image and others' opinions of breasts that it does that much to change our image of ourselves? What exactly is it that breasts mean? Some will say that sagging breasts equal aging, yet, this young woman was not close to aging. Her main achievement with these new ones was that she "loved" being able to wear a shirt without a bra and still look good. That is worth $4700? There were, however, a few rules:
1. She had to sleep in a sports bra for a year.
2. There could be no sucking on them for 6 months for fear of an infection.
3. She had to sleep with some type of a strap around her chest for a month to "settle" them in.
4. And without even requiring it, she would definitely "Admire them daily:)

For her, it was definitely worth it. During the one hour+ that we shared the space in a strip mall nail salon, she uttered the phrase "I love them" no fewer than 6 times.

I went home and looked in the mirror. I wasn't the least bit unhappy with what I saw.


sarah said...

That is funny. For her it's breasts for others its a certain size butt, thighs or waist. If its that important there is always a price to pay that will get it for you, no matter what it might be. Is it that much different than getting your nails done? Or your hair? I know people who get their hair colored/highlighted every 6 weeks at $90 a pop (I'm not talking about you). That's $7800 over 10 years (not even taking into consideration the time value of money) and worth it to them. I might pay a pretty penny to get rid of my ass right now: ) I would love to look at it in the mirror and say I LOVE IT.

Connie said...

Agree -- sometimes lipo sounds very appealing:)