Sunday, July 15, 2007

The First Line

I've spent the entire day, off and on, worrying about and working on my book project. My day looks something like this: Write 12 lines in 2mm letters. Cut candle wicks and put felt pads on chair legs. Write 12 lines in 3mm letters. Trim tree branches and suckers. Write letters using a fluid-writer. Fill bird feeder and sweep utility room. Go to Target. Mix a lovely green gauche, try it in several different pen nibs. Make a decision. Write first page for book (the title only, for crying out loud). Photocopy, cut 'n paste for layout. Go to friend's house to see new grandbaby. Do pencil layout for rest of book that might work. Take a deep breath. Write the first line which is "A Story About Three Bowls." Have a glass of wine even though I don't like my "w" in Bowls.

The question now is do I have another 8 hours to devote to writing the next line???


Teresa J. Wilber said...

I too have found the left-brain, procrastination-projects seem to creep in when there is a pressing deadline. However, getting closer to the end, there won't be time for them and I'll have my nose to the grindstone, get focused, and ignore all that gets in my way. For me, that's when the right brain will be really allowed to work....with wine on hand, of course.

Serendipity said...

Keep up the good work.